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Fancy Dress (and I went as the Groom)

Updated: May 12, 2023

We all know the Chicken and the egg question.

But what about the ‘If the Groom has done an ankle injury and is wearing a moon boot and has crutches can you have an ankle injury and wear a moonboot and have a Granny (knee) scooter?’ question.

Like, how did that get lost in the history of words? I’d argue it’s quite relevant most (not most) of the time.

I don’t know where the chicken and the egg came from.

The Greeks? Romans? Post-industrial Poland? I just don’t know.

But if that’s gonna command so much of our minds eye, then let’s at least balance the ledger.

I turned up to a wedding on the weekend and a lot of people looked at me wondering “Did this guy think it was fancy dress and came as the Groom?”

Well, no, not quite, but yeah, close. I didn’t think it was fancy dress, but yes, I did come dressed as the Groom.

With regards to the important stuff, Bec and Dave were standout. They showed love, joy, happiness and fun. It was great. And in a nice twist, I was actually invited to this wedding as a guest as well as being able to have the pleasure of MCing for them as well.

And for a highlight of the night? Well, it’s probably the last time I’ll ever see a Groom dancing with crutches and bung Achilles.

Thanks so much for having me guys,

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