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This is Me

You know those kids that are always talking?

Always in front of everyone desperately trying to capture all eyes and ears in the room?
Yeah, that was me.

I suppose in a way it still kinda is, except that now I’m pointing eyes and ears away from me and towards what’s important at any function/event I work.

I naturally gravitated towards MCing after training as an Actor.
I’m gonna drop a truth bomb here if you’re ready for it…shock horror…getting gigs as an actor can be few and far between.
Where MCing started as an opportunity to stay creative between gigs and keep me engaged with a diverse array of clients, it’s now grown into my career, and I love it.

My ultimate aim is to bring a light-hearted, warm, and enjoyable atmosphere to every event I host.

I’m always happy to chat about what I do and how I can help your function/event absolutely buzz.
If you’re after a versatile professional who is as comfortable working anything from a 3,000 seat auditorium (I have), to beautiful Weddings (I do), all the way through to Pet Birthdays (I would), then let’s chat.

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