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Here's the thing. To be an MC you need to love 2 things: 

1. Talking into a microphone and....

2. Talking into a microphone.

Fortunately, I love both.

Having trained and worked professionally on Stage and Film as an actor, I naturally gravitated towards MC work.

It was a natural progression considering, shock horror, Acting doesn't always pay the bills like you might expect it would.

Gotta put those skills to some use right!?

On a slightly more serious note (just slightly), there's way more to good quality MC work than just talking into the mic.

I help you plan your runsheet.

I work with your suppliers.

I keep the night to time.

I iron out the disasters on the day before they happen.

And I make sure there's a smooth flow of energy that ensures the best possible event.

As an MC I've been lucky enough to work across the country for The AFL, Renault Australia,

The City of Melbourne, NCDFREE Global, Bicycle Network Australia and

The Sally Hansen Marquee at the Melbourne Cup to name a few.

My aim is to bring a light-hearted, warm and enjoyable atmosphere to every event I host. I love to engage audiences by offering an approach that is energised and on-point.

An integral part of my work is understanding my client’s needs, ensuring the best outcomes are achieved, and expectations are exceeded.

If you’re after a versatile professional who is comfortable working anything from a 3,000 person Corporate Event (I have), to a Beautiful Wedding (I do), or a Pet’s Birthday Party (I would), then I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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