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What Do I Actually Do?

I Talk

Of course. When you think MC you think ‘Person with microphone who introduces stuff and talks a lot.’

Well yes, that’s part of the job. But there’s intricacies that hide behind the curtain.

I Help You Talk

Maybe it’s you infront of a thousand peers. Or maybe it’s your Maid of Honour or your Parents making a speech.
Whoever it may be, I'm there to make sure they're across everything, and comfortable taking the floor. 


Have you spoken into a microphone before?

Do you know how to maintain your composure if you skip a beat?

Where do the photographers want you to stand, what’s your eyeline for the videographers etc… 

All these things that you might not have considered before, I have the answers right there on a platter for you before we need to do anything (not a literal platter, that would be weird).

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Chill Winston

Weddings, Functions, Corporate Events, they’re all stressful beasts, and within that stress is every different Supplier's Runsheet that they’re desperate to stick by. 

Photographers can be like Skittish Cats. Very well presented but watch them freak when the sunset is fading and the married couple aren’t racing toward their picture perfect positions.

Videographers are a little more sloth-like, so long as their tripods are set they’re fairly languid. Kinda like a reptile that’s found a good spot in the sun.

DJ’s just wanna drop the beat and get people dancing. As long as they have a clear songlist in front of them they’re fine to just sit within their headphones and spin when required.

Venue Managers are a mix between the nicest people in the world and Einstein's hair. Some of them simply can’t be tamed. 

So what am I doing amongst this? 

Well, I’m watching all of these people freak out about their run sheets going skew-iff and making the necessary calls to bring everything back into line.

breathe • laugh • Cheer • Clap • Listen • Breath Again


You’ve done enough stressing getting your function/event off the ground. 

Now it’s up to me to take on all of the above and guide you in the decision making as to what’s going to help the day/night run smoothest.

You may also think that because I’m a stress ball you can squeeze me.

If you do, I’ll be letting HR know about it in the morning.


You might read this and think it sounds a little naff, but every event has its own energy.
It might sound even more naff, but this energy needs to be massaged. 

We’re not at a Rave where everybody’s at threshold the entire time.
Your Guests/Audience will need a chance to...

Breathe, laugh, cheer, clap, listen and breathe again.

Are they losing focus right before an important speech?

How do you get them to buy back into the formalities at hand?

You don’t. I do.

It’s all about working the energy of the room so that people can feel refreshed and ready for the formalities whilst enjoying the lighter elements of the event.

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Key Messaging

There’s a key aspect about key messages, and that’s that they can often get lost in the fun. How many times have you gotten to the end of a Wedding Reception and nobody’s signed the guestbook? 

Clearly this is not a question you’ll be able to answer, nobody’s done research on this, and if you

Who are the sponsors of this Sports Event? 

What’s the hashtag everybody’s supposed to be using again?

Humans need triggers attached to information or it’s too easily lost. When I’m working an event I’m finding individual and unique aspects to an event that help everybody remember the key messaging.

Every function/event I work is unique and presents its own challenges. It’s an ability to work on the fly that I’ve trained over time that helps me ride the wave with you, the Client, so that nothing is derailed or lost. 

It’s why I do what I do, and I love it

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