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BYE BYE 2023

Since having kids the last thing on my ‘To Do’ list is stay up til midnight on NYE.

But The City of Greater Dandenong had me absolutely buzzing when seeing out 2023. Well, seeing it out until the 9.30 fireworks, it was the Family NYE Event after all.

I arrived in the early evening to sun-drenched park slowly building up what would turn out to be a 15,000+ strong crowd.

I even got the greenlight to get amongst the crowd and do some roving entertainment on the microphone, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

At one point, a woman came up to me with the gift of a candy cane. I accepted, then said into the mic that I accept ‘Candy Bribes for Microphone time.’ Bad idea. I then had a sea of kids coming up to me wanting to give me sweets in return for yelling into the microphone. 

The diversity of the event, the performances on display, the general feel of everything on the whole, it was amazing. 

Well done to all involved, here’s hoping they ask me back for next year!

Thanks to City of Greater Dandenong for having me.

And thanks to Melbourne Entertainment Company for locking this one in for me.


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