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Act Symposium 2023

I had the pleasure of working with the Activam Group at their 2 day conference, the Act Symposium 2023.

We were set up at the lovely Novotel Geelong, along the gorgeous waterfront which came complete with complimentary sunshine two days running!

When I first took on the gig, I’ll be honest, there was a bit of consternation.

If you asked me something I know next to nothing about I’d probably say “The Financial Sector”

As I read through the Order of Events runsheet I could sense my Bachelor of Arts in Acting rocking gently back and forth in a corner muttering delusionally to itself.

That being said, my job is finding a way to connect with and engage the guests present. So, I set about channelling an angle that was going to work.

On arrival and meeting the team, any worries I had were quickly swept away.

The generosity, openness and genuine personalities of Rob, Evelyn, and Kristina left me secure in the knowledge that this was going to be a great 2 days.

The angle I settled on was one of light-hearted content steered largely away from finance altogether.

That, followed by a more structured lead in to each new agenda item of Keynote Speakers, Roundtables, and Q & A’s gave a healthy balance. We were playful, but stuck tight to time and kept things efficient.

I played on the idea of knowing so little about Finance, leaning into a bit of self-deprecation, which Australians are so in tune with.

Having completed the two days I’ve now picked up some very on-point Financial Buzzwords that are rolling very nicely off my tongue amongst Family and Friends thank you very much.

Liquidation, Cost Benefit Analysis, Maximising Alpha, to name just a few…

Are these even buzzwords? I have no idea, I have a bloody Arts Degree! Leave me alone please.

On our first night of the Conference, at the Gala Dinner, we were lucky enough to have the incredible Matildas in their Semi-Final on the TV. Let’s just say that the two Poms in the room were given a polite, yet wide berth.

Good times, great food and drink, and some excellent entertainment from Stand Up Dave O’Neil and singer Kim Cooper.

I hope that I get the chance to work with these guys again given how enjoyable the first time round has been.

Act Symposium 2024, here we come!

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