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To Wed or to cricket

It was always going to happen.

India playing in the Cricket World Cup Semi Final the same night as an Indian Wedding Reception.

If you don’t know, Cricket is kind of a big thing in India. Bigger than Ron Burgundy is to news.

So my first duty of the night was to go around and find all the people streaming the cricket and chuck them all into detention.

Score checks were fine, but the focus had to be where it needed to be, on the wedding!

Despite the fixture clash, everyone was absolutely engaged with the night.

Hosted at Crown Palladium, the night was smooth, fun, and an amazing opportunity for family and friends to come together.

Abhishek and Payal both looked incredible, and, I might add, did an incredible job of getting around to all 20+ tables of guests to personally greet and thank all of their guests. 

These guys have already had a massive week, but showed how caring and thoughtful they are as a couple.

Then there was everything great that is Indian weddings and why I love working them.

The colours. Indian weddings have incredible fashion.

The dancing, wow, if my ankle wasn’t so banged up I’d be throwing some of those shapes!

And the atmosphere, it’s always friendly, it’s always fun, it’s always a pleasure.

Another excellent experience.

Thankyou Abhishek and Payal,


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