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The Selfies Were Great, The Wedding Was Better

Jasmine and Carl's Wedding

I had an absolute blast at Jasmine and Carl’s wedding.

And no matter how cliche’d the phrase ‘had an absolute blast’ is, there was nothing cliche about this wedding.

The energy in the room was wild.

I felt like we were gonna get noise complaints at 7.30pm it was that loud. You can imagine then the bridal party entrance was something to behold. I'll set it up like this, 'Tween girls. One Direction Red Carpet. 2012.'

Yeah. That wild.

But within that energy was a sincere display of love and affection from all of Jasmine and Carl’s family and friends. The speeches touched on the humourous, the emotional, and a devotion to family that you might find in an episode of the Sopranos.

Oh, and we also found out in the speeches how Carl’s mum expertly used a teaspoon of Benadryl to give Santa a chance to deliver presents away from those 4 year old eyes that refused to sleep! Parent lesson logged.

As always, The Prince was an excellent venue.

The rooftop looking out over the Bay at Sunset is hard to beat.

The deck on a sunny evening with crisp blue sky made the selfies absolutely pop.

And I’m happy to report nobody stripped off for a dip in the purely decorative swimming pool!

I can only thank Jasmine and Carl again for having me help out with this one.

It was a pleasure from start to finish.


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