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I Fell...Then I MC'd

Friday night was gonna be great.

I was back MCing at Metropolis, Tayla and Luke were an excellent couple, and I felt great.

But it was raining.

And I have a knee scooter.

And a broken ankle.

So when you try and hold an umbrella, and navigate a knee scooter, and hit broken footpath on your way to the Uber out front, everything can go wrong.

I started to fall to the wrong side, and in slow motion saw my instincts react in the worst way and thrust my moonboot out to break my fall. Man that hurt.

I quickly retracted it and just flattened myself on the footpath suit and all, but the hurt had already been done.

From that point on though things picked up. My Uber driver was lovely and caring, Uber reached out on Insta to make sure I was ok, Tayla and Luke provided a brilliantly fun night with some seriously energetic family and friends, and I made it home without anymore mishaps at the end of the night.

So, what did we learn...well, maybe not yours, but my instincts are often wrong. From my body thrusting out my ankle to break my initial crash on the bike almost 2 months ago, to STILL THROWING OUT THE SAME ANKLE TO BREAK A FALL! When will my subconscious brain learn!? Possibly never.

Oh well, I'm ok now and the Specialist has assured me there's no reason to be concerned about having done more damage. They've actually got me beginning my weightbearing back on the joint.

Little did they know I'd already started *face palm*

*This is a pic of my foot having a well earned break during the Reception.

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