• Charlie Ranger

MCing a Pandemic

My work, like many others, took a brutal hit when this Pandemic hit in Australia. Functions were cancelled, events postponed, weddings pushed back to unknown dates. Everything exploded in uncertainty. It was a bizarre time personally, I'd just started locking in a number of events across the colder months (typically a quieter time), only to be met with a very sudden, and very big wall.

At first there was all the natural anxieties and stresses that a majority of us were feeling. But then came the little things. I've been spending a lot of time at home with my young family, and working on some creative projects that had otherwise been sitting in the back of my mind collecting dust.

There's been an interesting catch-22 whereby I've wanted everything to open back up so I can get into some work, but also knowing that a cautious approach is the best in the long run. No point opening all functions and events back up only to have to slam the brakes on everything again.

Despite that, I'm itching to get back into my work, and have excitedly started booking in some functions and weddings for late this year and early 2021. And I can tell you, I'll be ready to go, as I'm sure a lot of creatives will be!

Society'll have all sorts of chatterboxes looking for an audience come the time life returns to some kind of normal.

In the meantime stay safe, stay well, and thanks for reading.



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