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Last Minute Bookings Can Be The Best Fun

Sometimes it's the last minute bookings that turn out to be the most fun.

I got the call from Cheryl and Adrian about 10 days out from their wedding when their original MC had to cancel. Despite the general craziness that can come from a situation like this, it's also a great time to completely relax and go with the flow.

After all, on your wedding day you've got to be flexible enough that when something goes wrong, you can roll with the punches.

Our video call to run through everything came just 4 days before the event!!

That's the perfect recipe to turn a normal couple into a stress-ravaged hot-pot of anxiety.

What I found, however, was a lovely, relaxed and easygoing couple that were ready to have a great night.

We chatted through the run-sheet, discussed some simple changes that could help us smooth out the night, and then took it from there.

The night itself was an amazing success at The Park, in Albert Park. Perfect sunset pictures, great dancing (inc. a professional Samba group!), and beautiful opportunities to celebrate these two coming together in marriage.

Oh, and did I mention the Pup-ringbearer. Yep, star of the show.

It may have been a little crazy in the lead up, but it was great!

Thanks Cheryl and Adrian for having me.

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