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A One-Legged Elephant in the Room

There's a lot of things I've never done while MCing.

Been fired out of a cannon smashing through a glass window to make my initial entrance.

Jumped through burning hoops while covering off Housekeeping.

(Those and many other circus related activities)

But up until Friday night, I'd never MC'd one-legged before.

Having smashed up my ankle into something that looks like it just came out of a nutri-bullet, I was in full moonboot, fanging around on my nanna scooter at a wild pace, all the while maintaining a sense of professionalism to keep Rose and Devesh's wedding on track.

Around now is the perfect opportunity to thank Rose and Devesh for having the confidence in me to do my job in such circumstances. They'd been a pleasure to work with throughout the process, and when confronted with my slightly tweaked physical state ahead of the wedding, proved completely unphased.

So, how was it?

Well I've never had to be up and down a flight of 2 stairs so many times in my life navigating a space. And I've never had a heart rate of 193bpm's doing it!

But! It was fine. Sure I had to take the long way round to various areas, ensuring I traversed every single ramp on offer a hundred times plus, but no worries.

The one sketchy aspect was the ramp down from the main house back to the ballroom. That thing had angle, and my dress shoes have many things, but a skerrick of grip is not one of them.

Now having made it through one Wedding without someone accidentally walking through my outhung ankle and returning it to a state of dust, I have another this Friday and Saturday nights.

Let's do this thing!

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