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20 Items in 3 Hours...Let's Get Busy!

Updated: May 16, 2023

Anjani and Rahul were just the sort of couple I love working with.

When they initially sent through their Wedding Reception run sheet I took a look and thought ‘Oh wow, that’s a lot to get through.’

We had our Video Call and I gently raised the prospect that we might be squeezed for time in certain areas and that running over time was a serious possibility, if not certainty!

Their response? “That’s cool. We’ll just make it work.”

One of the aspects of my work that I like to take pride in is my ability to roll with the punches and be flexible, no matter what gets thrown our way.

And so, between the hours of 7-10pm we plunged headfirst into 18 scheduled items that included,

+ fireworks (requiring prep and set),

+ 5 individual sets of entertainers performing 2 separate sets each,

+ 2 surprise performances that hadn’t been scheduled but were added on the night!

20 items to get through, don't forget entrée and dinner service outside that list.

I can’t give you an exact count, but by 10pm I reckon I burnt the equivalent of at least 3 pizzas dashing around the venue ensuring that everything, and everyone, was on point and across the run sheet in real time.

It was like running the beep test in a suit 😱

And through it all Anjani and Rahul were simply taking in the experience, the friends, the family and their extremely special night.

Sometimes you’ll get a gig that, outside of being on the mic, is really smooth and easy.

Then you’ll get a night like this where it’s quite literally non-stop. These types of events are a fantastic way for me to stay on my game and build my skills in time/event management.

That being said, for all my future clients, please don't read this and start adding to the run sheet now!

Anjani and Rahul, thank you so much for choosing me to help with your night.

Enjoy the next chapter together.

Charlie Ranger MC

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