• Charlie Ranger

Looking Back - Workwear xmas Party 2019

Well, what an awesome event this was!

Any time you're working a xmas party you expect something will happen. Add a dress-up element and you know something's gonna happen.

The guys and gals at the Workwear Group were easy going, great sports, and ready to have a great day. I was there to help them through their specific 'team' awards for the day. Essentially what happened was me having a great time interviewing all the winners and taking the mickey out of them any way I could. This was heartily encouraged by the baying audience who thrived on a self-deprecating humour.

The Cream on Top was handing out the podium places for 'Best-Dressed.'

And to finish on that note, anyone who comes dressed brilliantly as the Plastic Pollution in the Ocean deserves to take top gong.

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