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Public speaking and delivering a speech can be seriously hard.
But it shouldn't be, and I can help.

Whether it's your best friends wedding, a work awards-night, or even just a family function, it's totally rational to feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the prospect of having all eyes on you.

Delivering a speech or speaking publicly can be riddled with an anxiety that begins (for many) at school. Most of us never find a way to break the habit and relax into what should be a fun and exciting skill to develop. 

With over 15 years experience, I'll teach you a few simple tips and tricks that helped me make public speaking a relaxed, easy and even fun experience (crazy I know!). That's all it takes.

I offer a range of packages and lessons, both private and group, to suit your needs in becoming a more confident speaker. 

Contact me today about a lesson using the form below and before you know it you'll be singing like a bird...or maybe that should be 'speaking' like a bird? 

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